Texa Diagnostics

Texa Diagnostics


AUTOFAST are official distributors of TEXA, the market leading multi-brand diagnostic system. Tailor made systems available with any combination of the following modules available Truck / Car / OHW (Construction & Agriculture) / Marine / Bike

Introducing the fantastic Axone Voice & Axone Nemo Mini tablets, purpose built to carry the impressive IDC 5 software.

Autofast is an official TEXA distributor with finance available for UK businesses


Diagnosis without boundaries!

Today the diagnostic tool is an essential piece of equipment for every workshop!

IDC5 is the latest generation of TEXA’s proven operating system & provides the platform to further enhance TEXA’s market leading multi brand software.

The graphic interface of IDC 5 has been improved & simplified to aid the flow of information to the technician.

On top of this, all diagnostic pages have been redesigned to give a fuller view of the most relevant information and the menu has been revised and is now arranged vertically. This new solution lets you scroll rapidly through all available options without ever having to change pages. A simple touch is all that is needed to zoom in on the specific functions you want.

The software is fully available across all the platforms on offer –

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vehicle diagnostic testing?

Vehicle diagnostic testing is a thorough check-up of your vehicle’s systems to identify potential problems.

How often should I have a diagnostic test on my vehicle?

The frequency of diagnostic tests can depend on your vehicle’s age, make, and model. However, a good rule of thumb is to have one done at least once a year. For vehicles that tend to do more mileage than average, it is advised that diagnostic checks are more frequent to help ensure longevity.

Why choose TEXA diagnostic equipment?

TEXA diagnostic equipment is highly regarded for its comprehensive and precise readings. It’s a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of vehicles, making it a top choice for many vehicle owners and mechanics.