Axone Voice

Axone Nemo 2

The exceptional & reliable tablet to carry the market leading IDC 5 software across all software modules



AXONE VOICE is the top-of-the-range multi-brand display unit. Being a multi-environment tool, it guarantees that mechanics can carry out quick, complete and precise operations on cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks, agricultural and construction vehicles, bikes and boats. It has a 12.3 Inch multi-touch screen, with 2560 x 1600 resolution, protected by Gorilla Glass. Inside, the Windows 10 Enterprise operating system is powered by an Intel® Core I5 CPU, with 16 GB RAM and 250 GB PCIe SSD storage. Connectivity is guaranteed by an advanced dual-channel Wi-Fi system and a Bluetooth® 4.2 module. Another distinctive element is the magnesium body, which makes the tool resistant to impacts and falls.


Axone Voice

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