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TEXA is world leader in Off High Way diagnostics with an unrivalled range of products. The NAVIGATOR TXT MULTIHUB is a powerful diagnostic interface that can connect over a Bluetooth link to a PC or to the extraordinary AXONE VOICE, the most advanced and complete display unit currently available.

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OHW Solutions

  • The IDC5 software – The Brain in the TEXA system !

    Providing a complete solution to all your diagnostic requirements, with simplicity & speed that make the TEXA system critical & professional part of any progressive workshop.

    With excellent coverage across the OHW module, which covers Agricultural & Plant equipment along with many stand alone engines. This module really does provide a full solution for any technician within an OHW environment.

    Guiding the user from fault identification through to its solution using varied options including fault reset, activation tests, live dashboard,  known problem search & extensive activation tests – the TEXA OHW module really does offer a true multi-brand solution.

  • The IDC5 software includes wiring diagrams  & data sheets

    Across all makes our IDC5 software includes wiring diagrams to aid your fault diagnosis, with individual component identification as visual aids in some areas.

    Critical information can also be checked on the data sheets which contain levels, capacities, torque settings, belt / chain paths, timing info etc which are all proving vital in providing the user with the complete diagnostic solution.


    The KONFORT range of A/C recharge and maintenance stations offers the perfect solution for all vehicle workshops. It is no coincidence that these stations set the standard for A/C servicing around the world.

    The KONFORT range includes dedicated stations for R134a refrigerant (the 705R, the 705R OFF ROAD and 710R), dedicated stations for R1234yf refrigerant (the 707R), and stations that can work with both, with the addition of a retrofit conversion kit (the 720R and 760R).

    The 760R BUS and 760 BUS TOUCH is specially designed for use with larger A/C systems, like those found on buses and specialist vehicles.

    The 780R and 780 TOUCH even have two separate circuits to let you work with both types of refrigerant at the same time.


    Many systems may include 12 months software updates & technical support but once this period ends AUTOFAST will support you with your extended updates contracts along with optional technical support contracts.

    Training courses (UK Based) are also available across , with remote training available for overseas customers.



    With such a wide range of coverage the cables required can be extensive & finding the balance on how many to carry in your workshop can be challenging.

    We can fully support you which ever way you go – with full cable cases available to cover the most common requirements or a bespoke kit to suit your specific needs.

    If you do find yourself missing a cable the vast majority are held in stock & available (within the UK) for next day delivery.

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